A smart system to alert failures

Uses vibration, ultrasound and temperature to detect failures

Detects both Open and Closed Failures on all steam trap types

7-year battery life

Slide and lock onto pipes of all sizes

How It Works?

Monitors clamp onto the condensate line and communicate through a Gateway using LoRa (Long Range Radio). 


Support upto 100 monitors 

LoRa 915 MHz - 200 meters indoors, 2 km outdoors

Preconfigured to 3G Network directly to our cloud (No WiFi required)

Failure alerts emailed directly to designated maintenance personnel


Pulse dashboard available for system-wide view of steam traps

Results can also be pushed to any central monitoring software

Data securely hosted through AWS

No additional fees for cloud hosting


Steam trap Inventory Management in one place

Use visualized data to confirm automated failure alerts

Review steam trap conditions



Each monitor will send data to the provided gateway using the LoRa network. Gateways are preconfigured to a 3G network. Once connected, information on the health and operation costs of your steam traps can be accessed using the dashboard, and alerts will notify you upon failures.


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